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With the EMCO 3-zone cleaning system, up to 90% of grime and dampness are absorbed when entering the building. Our entrance mats are commonly used at airports, train stations, office buildings, hotels, public buildings, museums and shopping centers.

  • playground safety mats
  • health-safety industrial mats
  • handicapped access area mats
  • gym mats
  • locker room mats
  • pool area matting
  • custom logo entry mats
  • anti-fatigue floor mats
  • athletic matting
  • fitness mats
  • commercial and industrial floor matting
  • door mats
  • entrance mats
  • rubber mats
  • indoor and outdoor mats
  • rental mats,
  • high absorbency mats
  • nylon matting

Emco Entrance Mat


The Diplomat is ideal for exterior and covered entrance areas, retrospective fitting /surface mounting and roll-up entrance matting.
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Emco Entrance Mat


An extremely hard wearing roll up entrance mat, the Marshcall is designed to withstand some vehicular traffic.
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Emco Entrance Mat


A hard-wearing radial-curved entrance mat, the Radial is supplied with a fitting frame.
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Emco Entrance Mat


For that area with where the right impression counts, the Attaché Image is the ideal choice with unlimited possibilities of individual designs. Select from an almost infinite number of shades or colors to match your logo.
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Emco Entrance Mat


Simply put, the Kadett is a hard-wearing, roll-up entrance matting with durable, weather resistant coarse fiber ribs. The backing is inlaid with slip resistant soft plastic strips.
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Emco Entrance Mat


A deeper pile (23 mm) hard-wearing entrance mat, the Assistent is ideal for inside buildings and covered entrance areas. The insert has recessed black stripes and latex underlay.
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Emco Entrance Mat


Ideal for outside areas, our Rubber Honeycomb matting is non-abrasive and hard wearing. It comes in solid rubber or with bristle inserts.
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Emco Entrance Mat


This durable carpet mat is made from high twisted nylon and nitrile rubber backing with excellent advertising effect. Moisture absorbent; individual prints, and therefore high information/advertising usage.
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Emco Entrance Mat


A durable carpet mat made from high twisted nylon and nitrile rubber backing with excellent advertising effect. Moisture absorbent; individual prints, and therefore high information/advertising usage;
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Emco Entrance Mat


Carpet mat made from high twisted nylon and nitrile rubber backing giving high cleaning function and excellent advertising effect and moisture absorbency. Able to sustain a minimum of 150 dry clean/washes.
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+ EMCO mats prolong the cleaning intervals of buildings by reducing dirt and dampness at the entrance.

+ Designed for exterior and covered entrance areas

+ Designed for retrospective fitting and surface mounting

+ Weather-resistant with grooved rubber inlays

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